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India Stampede Death Toll Rises to 224
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The death toll from a deadly stampede at a Hindu temple in the northern Indian state of Rajasthan has risen to 224, police say.

The toll was higher than an estimate given earlier in the day and Inspector General Rajiv Dasot said police had received more reports from bereaved families.

"People and relatives are now reporting back with the deaths of relatives and we now know 224 is the number of those killed," Dasot said in Jodhpur, where the stampede took place on Tuesday.

The disaster occurred when more than 25,000 worshippers rushed to reach the hilltop shrine to Hindu warrior goddess Chamunda in Jodhpur's 15th century Chamunda Devi temple.

At least 35 more people were hospitalised after the disaster, which came at the start of Navaratri, a nine-day Hindu festival which is one of the most important in the Hindu calendar and when crowds are particularly large.

The temple reopened to devotees on Wednesday, but not more than 200 Hindus were seen at the complex.

"Jodhpur is in mourning and people are attending funerals of their loved ones," said Reeta Inani," a regular visitor to the temple which is built inside the Mehrangarh Fort, a major tourism spot in Jodhpur.

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